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Norwegian course does not have practice on numbers?

Maybe i haven't noticed but i think norwegian course does not have a practice on numbers. That is very strange becouse its essential to have it, especially on the very beginning.

June 15, 2015



You may not have reached it yet in the tree: It is quite far down. This link will take you to the lesson, but only if you have already reached it in the tree. If not, just keep looking. It is farther down than most other languages. :)


Thanks for the reply, i am just wondering why its so far away from the start? its very critical to start learning numbers at the very beginning...


i was wondering the same thing, thank you, at the same time between lessons i listen to nrk p1 online and it help attempt to assimilate the language


Hmmm... Interesting i might as well try that too :)


For a future reordering of the tree (I know it won't happen for a long time), it would be good to consider moving more important topics up the tree. Especially grammar and numbers, so they can be exercised with the more exhaustive vocabulary sections...

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