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I want to say thank you, gracias, danke to Duolingo.

For offering what is probably the best free language course on the internet or maybe it's just the one I like the best.

I was reading in Spanish today and realized that Duolingo's Spanish lessons have raised by Spanish reading comprehension level by a lot!

So, thank you Duolingo staff! Gracias, Merci, Danke

December 28, 2012


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Bitte schoen.


Thanks duolingo for making my studies easier, faster and funnier.


I am absolutely in love with duoLingo. It is exactly what I needed. I feel totally challenged but not overwhelmed.


I am using only Duolingo to learn Spanish, and I couldn't be happier with it. I find myself mindlessly muttering phrases to myself in spanish all day. It is by far the easiest way to learn the language that I have found!


Me, too. And I find I am able to translate things I never could before quickly and easily. Timed practice has helped a lot with that.


Much thanks. Best language program I have used yet.


Thanks DuoLingo. Maybe soon, after over five years of marriage, I will finally be able to talk to my in-laws without having to use my wife as a translator.


I am addicted to Duolingo!


Yo, tambien. I'm on here every day.


thank you duolingo so ı learnt some française and ı am talkıng english faster


Si, gracias Duolingo!


This a fun way to learn German, even though I am a newbie. I have a neighbour to practice with when I know a bit more.

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