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false start.....

every time I start a lesson in italian (from english) on my tablet, I have to tell the program (from a long pop-up list of courses) that I want to learn italian from english and that I am already english speaker. After I have chosen again, everything is allright, but it is boring. Moreover I am dutch...... Do you know how I can solve this problem?

June 15, 2015



I see that you are learning Norwegian, which isn't supported by app yet. And if you was learning Norwegian in browser and then use app, you will be asked which course do you want to learn. I don't think there is anything you can do about this (beyond waiting for Norwegian course to be released for app or switch to Italian while on browser).


Thank you for your answer. I will wait until the app is ready for Norwegian. No real problem so far.


You're welcome. By the way, according to Norwegian incubator page it shouldn't take a lot of time.


If you want to switch between two courses with base English, you can hover on the flag icon next to your profile picture at the top. It will list all the courses you are taking from the current base language. You can switch to any of them here.


Thank you all....tusen takk....it works indeed like that.

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