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"La ŝultroj, dorso, kaj genuoj de mia fratino estas tre fortaj, ĉar ŝi estas lerta dancisto."

Translation:My sister's shoulders, back and knees are very strong, because she is a skilled dancer.

June 15, 2015



I just got the typo message, but how can that be possible if i didn't type anything, I only selected the words from the pool of words


I think because there was weird separation between sister and 's


Yeah it does that sometimes


Um... just now I had this sentence to translate using a pool of words to choose from, but the whole sentence was already translated (instead of partially translated).

There were no words for me to select, so I just submitted having done nothing, and I got the question right.

Is this an error, or is Duolingo just giving me a freebie?


probably an error, but I've never had it happen to me, so I may not be the best person to ask.


This also just happened to me.


It happens more in some courses than in others. It's rare but it does happen.


I had seen this presolved sentences before (though mine let me input the last two words). The only thing I could think of for this one is that Duo is teaching how the sentence is structured for when there's more than one thing listed as someone's possession.

"A, B, kaj C de fratino" Vs. "Sister's A, B, and C"


... Alright, then.


It could be worse: imagine it were wrong!


It is actually. The checker says that i have an extra space in this pre-solved sentence :) though it take this as typo, not as mistake


"ŝultroj, dorso, kaj genuoj" Does that imply that Esperanto uses the Oxford comma?


You can may use your native language's punctuation rules in Esperanto. As my native language is Spanish, I would've written "ŝultroj, dorso kaj genuoj" and it would still be correct.


I don't like when I get to type all that sentence, in whatever language i get it.


Lerta also means clever, but it wasn't accepted.


Jes. Genuo = knee.

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