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  5. "Ne koleru tiel rapide!"

"Ne koleru tiel rapide!"

Translation:Don't get angry so quickly!

June 15, 2015



There is a not-very-used, maybe more biblical word in Spanish: "Cólera", means "anger" [it's also the name of a disease]

"Él lo dijo con mucha cólera" = He said it [with a lot of 'cólera'] = Very <<angrily>>

It's never used in common speech, I've only seen it in some biblical texts or biblical-historical texts

And "koleri" sounds similar


In French, you also have "en colère", which I think is actually used as far as I'm aware.


Yes, that's the normal French word.

In English we also have "choleric" used to describe someone who is prone to anger.

(Also the name of the disease "cholera" from the same root, but that is less relevant).


It is not that unused in Spanish... Ask Gabo and his "Amor en tiempos de cólera". Cólera actually comes from the world for bile in Latin and Greek and it is a disease (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholera).

I wouldn't use it every time I wanted to say that I am angry due to the fact that we have many words for this such as cólera, enojo, enfado, cabreo, ira, rabia, furia, coraje (only in Mexico), bronca (only in the Americas) all with a slightly different meaning.


Yep, you wouldn't use the word "cólera" in common speech

I've only seen that word in "Amor en tiempos de cólera" and in some biblical-historical texts


My creolophone side wants to say "No vex so fast!"

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