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Bug: form submit should not clear form until it has been successfully confirmed sent

To reproduce:

  1. spend some time writing a bug report on the discussion area
  2. remove the network connection
  3. click [Post discussion]

What happens:

  1. The form clears and is replaced by "Type your message"
  2. The 'o' in Duolingo spins forever

What should happen:

  1. The form contents should stay, until they have been successfully sent
  2. It should be possible to resubmit the send request once the network is back
June 15, 2015



Yes, it's very annoying!! Or if you like/dislike the post to which you are replying before you send the message, it deletes itself


@G2DIPI. This seems to be a slightly separate (but perhaps related issue); would it be worth perhaps filing it as a separate bug report, under its own header in order to keeps things separate.


Maybe yes, maybe not

One never knows, nor I do


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