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Bug: removing network connection should not result in wrong answers being marked 100% correct

To reproduce:

  1. Open a test/question/practice
  2. Remove the network connection
  3. Fill in any, no, or some answer (eg. "foobar")
  4. Click [Continue]
  5. Observe that the answer is marked Correct
  6. Repeat for all questions in the test
  7. Observe that the score is 100%
  8. Click on [Review]
  9. Click on an individual answer
  10. Observe that this shows: 'Your response: "foobar" Correct response: "" '

What happens:

  1. It would appear that if a callout fails, a null string is returned
  2. Testing against this null string returns success

What should happen:

  1. An incorrect answer should not be marked correct
  2. Ideally answers should be held and compared when network returns if a local copy is not available

At least one other user has observed this behaviour back in c. October 2014:


June 15, 2015

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I sometimes experienced that in the mobile version, but it was not intended, it happened because my WiFi is horrible xD

I noticed it some lessons later... Before: "Oh, I must be Goethe"... haha

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