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  5. "Це - дорого."

"Це - дорого."

Translation:It is expensive.

June 15, 2015



'Dear' is another word for 'expensive' (not slang), but it isn't accepted.


Do people actually use "dear" as "expensive" in real life? Like would you actually say "I wanted to buy a dear dress but I reminded myself that I'm on the budget"?


Yep, exactly that context too.


Wow, I don't think I've ever heard it in that context. Or maybe I just didn't notice. Or maybe it's a regional thing; where do you live?


See profile! I think it is regional.


I have heard it in a different usage - "It will cost me dearly." Dearly is an adverb describing the cost (adverbs end with -ly). When used as "dear" in the context of "That is a dear coat," it can have a different connotation, and is more commonly used to describe something that is admirable as well as valuable (e.g., She is such a dear.). English is awash with words with different meanings and connotations depending not only on the context, but also the region. It ia no wonder that translations can be confusing!


"Dear" meaning "high in price" is marked as "generally dated" according to Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dear#Adjective). While I'm familiar with this meaning of "dear", if someone said "It is dear" I would think the thing that person is talking about is a cherished object as this is how "dear" is most commonly used nowadays.

I agree that the adverb "dearly" is more common in its usage with "cost" ("It cost me dearly").


Do Ukrainians actually use that hyphen? Can't you just write "Це дорого."?


You need to always put dash if subject and predicate are both nouns or if there's a word "це" before predicate (you put a dash before це).

There are some cases where you don't generally put a dash, but you can for emphasis. One of these cases is when це is a subject


You can.

After це a dash can be put, if you want to stress the predicate and its meaning in the sentence, for example: Це - моя мати. In this case, a pause is released with intonation.

If you do not want to emphasize the value of the predicate, you do not put a dash after це.


To me as a native English speaker "Dear" is perfectly acceptable especially in this stand-alone phrase. Also acceptable, however, would be "This suit is expensive" "Yes, it is DEAR isn't it"


Is дорого expensive or cheap.... As I swear flips it on some of these answers


It is costly? It is expensive? Both should be correct


That's expensive should be the right English

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