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I have learned 0 words?

There seem to be multiple strange things happening with my stream (I use Chrome/Win7). Today I wrote a comment in a discussion although there is no record of it in my stream, but more curious is a rather discouraging display on my home page which says the total of words I have learned is 0!

October 5, 2013



The 0 word count bug has been fixed. Thanks.


I could be wrong, but I just want to make sure: are you learning English? Because that is what shows up when I click on your profile, I see "level 6 English"

Edit: I see only 562 coins, while it says 2152 words learned.

I just wanted to check to make sure that you were learning English and this is accurate (because I see level 15 Portuguese here on the discussion as well as in your description it says you are learning Portuguese)


Thank you for your concern. I am an English speaker learning Portuguese. I finished my Portuguese via English tree a little while ago and have now started again by "learning" English via Portuguese. The word count bug seems to have been fixed now and the count you see is correct (210 English + 1942 Portuguese).

The appearance of my profile depends on whether I am doing English exercises or Portuguese exercises.

[Edit] I just did a couple of English lessons and my English word count is now 0. So perhaps there is still a bug about.

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