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I was late to the Esperanto AMA but I have an interesting question to pose.

Do you feel that because Esperanto is so simple a language that translations to Esperanto make it easier to understand the ideas put forth in a text from a different language? In other words would a lot less be "lost in translation" in Esperanto?

June 16, 2015



According to Chuck Smith, yes.

"Esperanto shines as a language for learning about the literature of other languages: many major works are translated into it, usually by native speakers of the source language who are passionate about literature and what they are translating. When I’ve compared translations into English and Esperanto, the Esperanto one is usually higher quality." - Amelie Ambrus, Start Reading Esperanto Literature-

Edit: I sourced the quote to the wrong person, it was Amelie making a guest post on Chuck's blog.


Technically that quote should be attributed to Amelie Ambrus, who wrote the article, as noted at the beginning of the post. The little intro says she's an expert in Esperanto literature, which only gives even more weight to her opinion!


Thanks, I thought it was Chuck making the guest post at first >u<

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