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Notifications update and new addition to leaderboard

For those of us who get many notifications, it would be nice if it would be possible to see more than five notifications at a time, and be able to scroll through our previous ones. Currently when we click on "see more" it takes us to our stream, but that isn't much of a help.

Now the second thing is a new idea for an addition to the leaderboard. I think it would be neat to be able to see what ranking we are for the week, month, and all time out of all of our followers. I understand that many people have less followers than friends, but I believe this would be nice for those of us where that is not the case. (Maybe, you could have the option if you wanted to see this or not.) This would give me more of a perspective on how I rank towards a good number of Duolingo users, and it would be fun to see.

So, DL staff, when you have a little more time, those are two updates that maybe you could take into consideration. :)

Thanks again for all you do!

October 5, 2013



I definitely agree with the notification thing. At least don't have it take us to our stream when we click "See more".


You could alternatively just add your followers as friends, couldn't you?


Mmm, no. There are people following me that I don't want to follow, and I also don't want to be following 200+ people, so I don't think that would work.


I understand completely if you want to keep your stream clean , 200+ is a lot of people.

I think an option would be necessary. Just as you don't want to see everybody's activity on your stream, others wouldn't want to see everybody's scores, because maybe they'd like to keep it among their friends.

I say just have leader board options in the settings with:

  • Friends only
  • Friends and followers
  • All users

Or have that located directly on the leader board so that you can toggle between groups, and with an additional "Me" button that instantly shows your position.

That's actually pretty much how leader boards work in video games.


That would be really great if they could do it like that. It would be nice to be able to see all three options! :)


How do you decide who you want to add and not? I've just been doing it indiscriminately (and of course, you have a lot more followers that me!)


What works for me is to befriend/follow people whose postings I don't want to miss - particularly perspicacious, informative, and/or interesting people - that way what they post shows up in my stream.


Cool, thanks. I'm going to check my stream a little more often now.


When you click on someone's profile, to the right of their picture, you can click "add friend" and then all of that person's activity will show up in your stream, and you will see his/her points in your leaderboard. Basically, when you add someone as your friend, you will be updated on all that the user is doing. Does that answer your question? :)


Thanks, that's certainly helpful. I was wondering a bit more about why one would choose to follow or befriend certain people, but @Preusser answered that in a bit more detail for me.


I love how you ask for updates to help out the really popular people xD Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.


Well, there are a decent amount of people who have more followers then friends, so I thought I may as well ask. :)


Nice idea, Clara!

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