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Multiple profiles using one email address?

I want my kids to have their own profiles so they can do the lessons at their own pace, but they don't have their own email addresses. Is there a way to set them up without email address, or connect them to my email address? When I tried, it said my email was already in use/

June 16, 2015



That's great that your kids are interested in learning on Duolingo! :) If your email is a gmail account, you can set up an alias to use for each kid with your own email address, and you can register an account for them using the alias. Here's more information on how to use an alias. It doesn't actually create a separate email account, so all of the email will just go straight to your own email. Other email clients should offer similar services, I believe, but I'm not as familiar with them. If this is confusing, let me know, and I can explain in more detail. Hope this helps!


In case you don't find it under alias you could also look up 'recipient delimiter' (what it's called in postfix).

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