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Lessons Suddenly Shorter?

I was used to having the lessons last 17 questions with no mistakes, but now I can finish them in about 8 questions. Not that I mind, but it's surprising. Is this some kind of A/B test? (I tried searching for a topic about this but didn't come up with anything.)

June 16, 2015



That happened to me, but I only had a few skills left in my French tree when it started and I just thought it was normal...


I think it is just getting shorter at the End of the skill! I mean, for example, I was learning Adverbs, which is 9 lessons, The first couple are 17. Others are 13, it gets back to the length of the Skill. Not all lessons are shorter though! I think it's cool that way! :D


Happened to me too a few days ago. It was a low level skill though, so I wasn't too upset by it.


Please read this post and upvote if you agree: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9160888

Duolingo is trying to make lessons easier for the newcomers so as not to scare them off, but this is a major drawback for the real learners who are willing to take on a challenge. The ones who can't handle it will drop off one way or another.

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