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"Beviamo la limonata entro pranzo."

Translation:We drink the lemonade before lunch.

December 28, 2012



"We drink the lemonade by/within lunch" sounds really weird in English. Does "with lunch" also work?


I think the meaning is 'before lunch' and this is the sense of 'by' here. But you're right that 'by lunch' sounds just wrong in this case. 'by lunchtime' is a little better, but 'by' sounds too harsh since it implies the drinking of the lemonade must not continue into the lunch: 'Drink the lemonade by lunchtime or I'll send you to your room!'.


before= "prima di"


I thought as well: prima di


of course, or "during lunch."


during lunch didn't work


Think "by lunchtime."


This translation has to be amended. "Within" lunch is just wrong.


I agree with above. Sentence is awkward; for the intended meaning, it should be "Beviamo la limonata durante il pranzo."


Actually, I think the intended meaning is "before lunch", not "during lunch". The possible translation of "by" would be more natural in the construction: "By lunch, we will be drinking lemonade", which means "we drink lemonade before lunch" in an awkward, but I think technically accurate, way.


"by lunch we will be drinking lemonade" isn't the same as "we drink the lemonade by lunch". The former suggests that by lunchtime you have started drinking lemonade, and you then continue drinking it during lunch. The latter means that by lunchtime you have finished drinking the lemonade.


We drink the lemonade within lunch is not said in English. Either with lunch or during lunch would be more acceptable.


I agree "with" or "during" is plausible, "before" is an award translation.


I fully agree, but during lunch was not accepted


This is a useful entry in the Word Reference dictionary

entro [ˈentro] prep within

entro un mese within a month

entro domani by tomorrow

entro febbraio by the end of February.

So does the sentence mean "we drink the lemonade by the end of lunch"? OR "we drink the lemonade before starting lunch"?


During lunch is better english Within lunch is not correct


This is nonsense, what does it mean "by lunch" here?


Actually, "by lunch" sounds perfectly good in spoken English... The intention is to finish drinking lemonade by the time you begin lunch... It's very similar to "I'll finish my work by lunch" or "I hope to get home by dinner"... In spoken English, you'd generally drop the "time" in "lunchtime" or "dinnertime" (which would then sound a bit weird) But contrary to what others have said, I don't think "We drink the lemonade by lunch" sounds weird at all...


In your example "finish work BY lunch", "get home BY lunch", etc- yes, the "by" sounds normal. But w/out some further explanation or context, to EAT or DRINK "by lunch" sounds weird, since lunch is WHEN you eat/drink. Now, if the sentence had been "Beve 3 birre entro pranza"....THAT would have made sense :)


"Beve tre birre entro pranzo" (Pranzo is a noun, you don't have to conjugate it)

"Beviamo la limonata entro pranzo" sounds a bit odd but it's not wrong

"Beviamo la limonata prima di pranzo" would sound more natural

"Entro" sounds like a deadline, if drinking something is a deadline... :D


Thanks marziotta, that answers a question of mine from another similar sentence. I had learned to use "prima di" and "dopo" as "before" and "after" in italian. So "entro" means something more like a deadline compared to "prima di" , kind of like "by" in english.


By lunchtime I think is more natural actually. It does refer to a matter of timing after all


Totally wrong. You need to correct this nonsense.


But "entro" does not mean before! DL change your experts!


Well I am thankful that I am not the only one who struggled with this sentence, is all I can say!!


People have been discussing and reporting this problem for three years and it still has not been corrected??


We do not drink lemonade "within" lunch. Either we drink before, during, or after. Not within. Please correct this. I'd like to move on in the course, but this kind of error holds me back.


Why not 'during lunch'? The correction it gave me afterwards was 'within lunch.' Doesn't that mean the same thing?


No: "durante" means that you drink a little at the beginning, another then minutes after, the third one near to the end... You drink "while the lunch endures"


so what is the difference between 'entro' and 'prima'? Where I live, I hear 'prima' to mean 'before'. prima/dopo = before/after. Ok, 'entro' must mean 'by' rather than before, right?


The important thing is to create an idiomatically correct English translation and "within lunch"AND "by lunch" are simply NOT the best choices. It should be something like: "We drink the lemonade BEFORE lunch" OR "We finish the lemonade BY lunch-time"


this means "we drink lemonade during lunch". The 2 options given are not good English.


no! in english you don't eat or drink "within" lunch you do it DURING lunch. Within, in English means it is an ingredient, e.g. there is spinach "within" the pasta. meaning the pasta is made with spinach.


I translated this as "we drink the lemonade during lunch." The correction given me was: "We drink the lemonade within lunch." My objection to the correction is that no English speaker would ever say "within lunch", but rather would say "with" or "during" lunch.


We drink the lemonade within lunch is terrible English- either before or during lunch


we would never say 'within' lunch. 'During lunch' or 'with lunch' would be OK.


A better example of using "entro" would be:

"Finiamo l'exame entro mezzogiorno."
We finish the exam BY noon.".
The Duolingo sentence is awkward and confusing.

When "entro" is used for "WITHIN" , it is usually referring to time or measure.

"entro l'anno" - within the year. "entro i due metri" - within two meters (of the target). Examples from Reverso Italian-English website.


In italiano Can this mean we'll drink the lemonade before lunch, as well as habitually?

[deactivated user]

    Could you say "We drink the lemonade before I have lunch" ?


    Not really. Even though "pranzo" ends with an o, it's actually a noun not a verb, and the sentence doesn't have anything to imply that "having lunch" is done by a first person singular subject.


    Pranzare is an intransitive verb meaning to have lunch, 'pranzo' is the first person singular. Just as in english, sometimes italian makes verbs out of nuns and nouns out of verbs.


    Interesting question! Can we introduce a new subject/object subclause after a general preposition like 'entro'? Or would that only be allowed after 'che'? I would expect though that in this situation one would include 'io' too, to avoid ambiguity between the verb 'pranzare' and the noun 'il pranzo'.


    Yes, but what I said was for this particular sentence. You cannot put a verb after entro, it doesn't work like 'before' in English. You should have a time expression or an event with a usual time (like lunch) after entro. I see what you mean, but it cannot be understood like that in this case (source: Italian girlfriend).


    Thanks for the great answer!


    Pranzo is not the verb, but noun! Il pranzo = the lunch. Simple.


    I wrote "Beviamo la limonata entro il pranzo" and was marked wrong, I guess because of the "il?"

    I didn't think it was an error, so I went to report it but the usual option for "My answer should be marked as correct" wasn't there--leading me to think I was actually wrong.

    Any ideas?


    In italiano qusta frase è veramente strana. In Italian this sentence is really weird


    Isn't the word "entro" introduced here, therefore should it also be highlighted and given a drop-down menu, or did I miss this word in a previous lesson?


    my thought, as well


    In Italian, this sentence would be translated as beviamo la limonata prima di pranzo. Meaning is unclear. By lunch would be a better translation


    the two answers given..by lunch, and within lunch, are not English...should be during, or if you want by..it should be before lunch.


    i don't remember it teaching me the word entro


    This is bad english


    Entro suggests entry. Interesting that entry/entrance in English might be derived from 'before'




    I got the answer ' we drink lemonade within lunch' which is nonsense in English!


    do italians ever say such a sentence? I think there must be a better way to introduce "entro". like, a real sentence the people would use...


    Whether this sentence works in Italian, it's both awkward and very unnatural to translate in English this way, something which is exemplified by the number of exasperated responses it has received...


    Agree with the below. the sentence is a nonsense in English. you need to say before, during or after in english. not by!


    "entro l'anno" means "in this year" or "during this year" so "entro pranzo" should translate into "during lunch" or maybe "by lunch" but certainly not "within lunch". "Within lunch" doesn't make any sense.


    How do i get the male voice to stay. I can understand him better


    Does it mean "before lunch" as in "I'm going to have a lemonade before lunch."?


    In italiano 'entro pranzo ' non ha nessun significato


    Duolingo should find a better example to introduce "entro".

    Nobody says something like this in Italy! A native speaker would think that this sentence has been invented by a stranger and would laugh, laugh, laugh...

    Ex. Dobbiamo finire il progetto entro le due = We have to finish the project before two o'clock.

    Then we can go to lunch and drink as much lemonade as you want, before, during or after


    What is so wrong with Before the lunch?


    Im confused as i I didn't need il here yet other times im marked as incorrect for not using it??


    I agree with many of comments below. You could only give your answer if 'entro' also means 'before'. This is why I believe that in normal English you would say 'at, or with lunch'


    This makes no sense in english....do you add lemonade to the meal? If not it should be "with" rather than "within". It gets annoying when you get a fail because of poor english.


    "by lunch" is planly and simply incorrect English here. I suspect that this is born of a necessity to "make" the translation fit the basic meaning of the Italian word, but prepositions cannot be simplified enough to work properly and consistently in this programme, with its digital limitations.


    I think 'during lunch' fits best ☺


    we drink the lemonade with lunch is the same as within lunch... stupid...


    Would never say 'by' lunch


    I took it literally and wrote, "We drink the lemonade within lunch," knowing it sounds like terrible English. However, I assume what they meant was "We drink lemonade during lunch." I think some of the DL writers are not native English speakers!


    All of the explanations of "by lunch" aka "before lunch" make sense, but that is not what that words means? it means by or within, so by context it can't mean by as in before, it would be by as in beside - which is still not a correct sentence...


    Primo means before too, right? Can it be used here?


    we drink lemonade during lunch is a better translation 'within lunch's poor use of English


    Pretty dire that 'within lunch' has not been corrected.


    The suggested correct reply, "We drink the lemonade by lunch", makes absolutely no sense in English.


    Totally wrong. 'Within lunch' does not make grammatical sense in English, ever. Maybe during, 'durante' lunch, I suppose. But never 'within'.


    One would never use the word 'within' in English


    Why not: We drink the lemonade during the lunch?


    My translation said we drink lemonade within lunch which tech. makes sense but no one would ever say. Why was translation not the one posted above?


    'Within lunch' is just wrong. Please fix this. If 'entro' means 'before' then just give the translation as above, not the 'within lunch' version


    I got it wrong and it said the translation should be "We drink lemonade within lunch" - What the hell does that even mean? How am I supposed to learn Italian when the English isn't even correct?


    We drink lemonade "within" lunch was given to me as the correct answer and it is clearly wrong because it makes NO sense in English.

    Reading the thread here it has become clear that Duolingo did not intend a meaning of "during lunch" Apparently that would be "durante" not "entro". So technically the English "We drink (the) lemonade by lunch" is correct but sounds clumsy and awkward in English.

    I would suggest "We drink the lemonade before lunch" (the is now necessary not optional) or "We drink the lemonade by lunchtime" again 'the' is not optional. The meaning seems to be that the lemonade is all consumed before eating lunch. Not starting to drink it "by" lunchtime and definitely not "during" lunch.

    So the remaining question is - is this sentence really correct in Italian?


    I was told this meant within lunch, which no English speaker would say. Why can it not be during lunch?


    "We drink the lemonade within lunch?" No one says that.


    I know that "entro" means : in between, while! No translation says it means "before"


    Perche non e "entro LA cena?"


    the answer reads "we drink the lemonade within lunch" that is not the way it is said in the English language. before lunch or during lunch is grammatically correct.


    I was given the correction 'within lunch' which is completely ridiculous in English. We would never say this. Surely 'entro' means at the same time so 'during' (which I had marked wrong) is correct. Before lunch would be 'primo pranzo' wouldn't it?


    The Duolingo translation in my case is "within lunch". I have never heard any English speaker say it. But certainly "within lunch" (or in proper English "during lunch" ) is different from "before lunch". Duolingo, make up your mind!


    It is difficult to understand what within mean as a translation to entro. Before makes sense, but not within.


    Could it be we drink lemonade until lunch...it was rejected but made more sense


    What's wrong with saying "We drink the lemonade before eating lunch / We drink the lemonade before we eat lunch?" Is there a difference in the Italian?


    Non vale la pena di scrivere commenti.


    The translation is wrong: The correct is: We drink the lemonade with lunch OR We drink lemonade along with lunch.


    would saying "beviamo la limonata prima pranzo" be wrong


    "Primo pranzo", is what came to my mind.


    In italiano si dice "beviamo la limonata entro il pranzo"

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