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Duo - a short story

--Start of part 1--

She had a smile from ear to ear, as she sat across him in her breathtakingly beautiful cocktail dress. They had just returned from the prize ceremony where he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Grammar, Accents and Spell correction. Although the organizers didn’t let him give a proper victory speech because they had to go to commercials. Yes, it was Duo, the owl. Dressed in a Paul Smith, with his wayfarers and pork pie hat, never in the history of owls had someone looked so dapper. With her eyes locked on his, she confessed, “I think I am falling in love with you”. “Why do you love me, I am a shell of an owl”, he proclaimed while casually sipping his favorite Pinot Noir. “Wow, where do I start. It was certainly love at first sign-in for me, the way you looked on the home page with your tripod legs and wings wide open, you are my Dicaprio! I love how you don’t care when I forget to put accents on different characters, sometimes I just ignore them on purpose to remind myself how awesome you are. I love how you spell correct for me, no wonder you got the nobel prize for it. And by god, dont get me started on the way you use subjunctive and incredible grasp on conjugation of irregular verbs. I’ll end by saying this, before I met you, I was so indicative mood, now I am all subjunctive, just dreaming about you all the time”. “Well, of course all that love has its side effects”, Duo retorted.

“They have named a psychological disease after me, it’s called PDSD, Post-Duo Stress Disorder. Symptoms include feeling incredibly irate especially caused when I don’t accept certain translations, friends and family feeling a disconnect because of too much time spent on timed practice trying to stay on top of the leaderboard, developing an obsessive nature trying to complete all lesson with all hearts intact, waking up in sweats in the middle of night because you dreamt that you forgot to practice that day but you actually didn’t, this actually resembles characteristics of Streakitis. Plus severe feeling of competition. Apparently a guy buys his friends t-shirts saying ”I take my grammar lessons from Lil Wayne, I should does something.” whenever they end up below him on the weekly leaderboard”. “Wow, I think I have at least three of those symptoms. I should get myself checked”, she said with a scared look. “There is no known cure, my dear, other than to abandon me”, Duo said as he took off his wayfarers. “I’d never leave you Duo, never. I’d be more restrained in the future”, she pledged.

Meanwhile, her phone rang, it’s Jazz. Jazz is Duo’s pet parakeet, calls him master and says “merde” a lot. “Hey Christine, what’s happening? Is master around? I’ve been trying his phone but can’t reach him. He must be using AT”. “Oh Hey Jazz, yup he is right here. By the way, did you feed my cat?” “Ah merde! Sorry, not yet but I am on it. Can you put Master on? It’s quite urgent”. Christine passes her phone to Duo, “It’s Jazz.” “Master, something weird is happening. She hasn’t turned up in last ten hours, on a weekend. She is usually very particular about this.” “Hmm, come pick me up at...just note down this address, The Demonstratives, 5th floor Proverbial building, Conditional Perfect Road. And don’t forget to bring her pass key.”, Duo said with a pensive look.

“Is everything fine?”, Christine questioned. “Something’s come up. I need to leave immediately.”, Duo said as he put back on his wayfarers and called for the check. “But what’s happening? You know you can tell me. I insist.”. Christine gauged to see if it was the right moment to bring up what she was going to say next. “It’s about Rozanna, isn’t it? You still haven’t gotten over her.” Duo stared at her with an empty look and uttered “Yes”. “I never understood what happened between you two. I don’t get why you feel guilty around her. I think it’s about time you tell me about it. If you don’t tell today, I don’t think you’d ever tell”, Christine demanded. Duo reflected on it and finally took down the wall that he had between him and her.

“Ok. As you know, Rozanna has always been top of the leaderboard. Most loyal user that I ever had. Some weeks ago, she bet with this guy, the guy who makes you wear the Lil wayne grammar t-shirt, about who’d stay on top of the leaderboard for the week. This guy is actually an old shot at this, its almost impossible to beat him. But if someone could, it was Rozanna. And she showed it too, staying on top until fifteen minutes of the weekly timers being reset, the guy was trailing by 160 points. As I said, this is no ordinary guy, he turned up online and started scoring 20s in every timer practice, each practice was lasting an average of one and a half minute. Rozanna obviously didn’t see it coming and had to score 40 points in the last 5 minutes. She rose to the occasion and scored an 17 in the first timed practice, lasting two minutes and a 18 in the second, lasting 2 minutes and 25 seconds. She just had to score more than 5 points in the last 35 seconds but she scored only 3….”. “Wow, but how is that your fault?”, Christine wondered. “5 of her 7 translations that were marked as wrong in the last timed practice, were actually correct….She had submitted them a couple of days earlier but I was too slow to react. And because of my mistakes, she had to walk around with that hideous, atrocious lil wayne grammar t-shirt, for a whole week. I’ll never forgive myself for this….”, Duo said with a look of despair. “I am sorry, Duo. But you already do so much for us, you shouldn’t let such a thing bog you down.”, Chritine said as she tried to console him. “Let’s change the subject. Where is Jazz? Sometimes he is so slow!”, Duo remarked. “But who is this guy? 20s in all timed practices?! Wait a minute. It’s not who I think it is..”, Christine said with a startled look. “Yup, its The Procrastinator..”, Duo affirmed as he saw Jazz enter through the door.

--End of part 1--

Who is The Procrastinator? What happened to Rozanna? Would Duo be able to redeem himself? Find all the answers in the Part 2, with more information about Jazz The Parakeet and introduction of Luis The Man ;)

October 5, 2013



Haha, thanks. I've enjoyed this. :D


I know this is a year old, but I love this! :D Sounds really interesting, you should write more!


Thanks! Yeh, been long since I last wrote this. Would love to get back on it!


Whoah great story. Can't wait to read the next instalment!!!!!!!! :D


Love the story :-)

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