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  5. "Fruit and vegetables"

"Fruit and vegetables"

Translation:Frukt og grønnsaker

June 16, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Fun fact: grønnsaker - green thing. Right? In czech language grønnsaker is translated as zelenina - green thing


    So you can use frukt or frukter? Is one "more correct" than another?


    I think frukt is more common, plus frukter is only an option when the English is plural. If you say a piece of fruit, for example, it wouldn't be plural in Norwegian.


    When you say "Fruit and vegetables", "fruit" is plural! "Fruits" is very rarely used in English.


    Green things? Or does sak mean something else?


    No, it pretty much means green things. In German we sometimes use Grünzeug (which works the same way), although more tongue in cheek than in a serious manner.


    "Sak" can mean a physical object or thing, but it is also used more abstractly, to refer to a proceeding, cause (same word as "sake" in English!), circumstance etc.


    What about Grønt? Does that mean vegetables just like grønnsaker? I hadn't seen it before, but the program thought that's what I said to it and counted it correct.


    Yes, it's like how we say "greens."

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