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What is your favorite anthem?

I've been listen and analysing all anthems from languages I study and my own anthem... I don't like any of them very much,I don't know, all those flags born from some kind of war, the anthem are always talking about that fight to get liberty or how the people of certain country is more especial them other ones or that country is the most beautiful, most important .... The only one I really like is Esperanto one , this one tell me something I want feel , I want to have...

So you can tell me that I am crazy , I should love my own anthem ,I should be proud of my country and its achievements , but I can't , I just love all the world , I live in Planet Earth , I just can't choose one part to say is the best one , one people, we are all humans ...

June 16, 2015



I grew up with both the Italian and American anthems, and the stories behind both are pretty cool, but I have to say that the Italian anthem is my favorite, followed by the Russian anthem, because it's beautiful, even though I don't understand Russian :P


Kiwi here. I like the tune but really don't care for the lyrics. It's basically all about beseeching God to cause New Zealand to have certain qualities rather than what I'd prefer which would be about the people themselves striving-for/celebrating those qualities. I guess you could argue that the former implicitly implies the latter but it still rubs me the wrong way a bit.


Anthems are meant to inspire people from that country and to instill in the population pride in their country. They are not meant to be inspirational to non nationals.

Esperanto is slightly different because there is no national pride or defined country so it is an attempt to inspire all Esperanto speakers which probably has a wider prospective audience.


The valencian anthem is pretty good (himne de l'exposició) , although it's not technically a national anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcJMZKHQU9Y


What language is that?


Catalan. The dialect of Catalan spoken in Valencia is called Valenciano, but if you were to ask most people from Valencia they'd tend to say that Valenciano is it's own language

[deactivated user]

    No, you are not crazy. I completely agree with you, moreover I think that the notion of countries is but an artificial convention that humans use, driven by the feeling of superiority of their group, by greed, feeling of power, fear, enemies... We are all humans indeed, and we need some more compassion in this world... there is never too much! Having said that, it is great that you love the Earth. As for the anthem, I like Espero, and the 7th stanza of Zdravljica: Long live all the nations of any land, let all the friends of freedom live in an eternal accord, let the world to live without sorrow, and let every neighbour become a good friend. But then again, it is still an anthem of a particular country, in this case Slovenia. We need more songs that unite us all.

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. You may say, I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.


    I wonder if there's an Esperanto version of Imagine


    Esperanto has an anthem? Where can I hear it or see the words?


    La Espero

    En la mondon venis nova sento, tra la mondo iras forta voko; per flugiloj de facila vento nun de loko flugu ĝi al loko.

    Ne al glavo sangon soifanta ĝi la homan tiras familion: al la mond' eterne militanta ĝi promesas sanktan harmonion.

    Sub la sankta signo de l' espero kolektiĝas pacaj batalantoj, kaj rapide kreskas la afero per laboro de la esperantoj.

    Forte staras muroj de miljaroj inter la popoloj dividitaj; sed dissaltos la obstinaj baroj, per la sankta amo disbatitaj.

    Sur neŭtrala lingva fundamento, komprenante unu la alian, la popoloj faros en konsento unu grandan rondon familian.

    Nia diligenta kolegaro en laboro paca ne laciĝos, ĝis la bela sonĝo de l' homaro por eterna ben' efektiviĝos.


    The Hope

    Into the world came a new feeling, through the world goes a powerful call; by means of wings of a gentle wind now let it fly from place to place.

    Not to the sword thirsting for blood does it draw the human family: to the world eternally fighting it promises sacred harmony.

    Under the sacred sign of the hope the peaceful fighters gather, and this affair quickly grows by the labours of those who hope.

    The walls of millennia stand firm between the divided people; but the stubborn barriers will jump apart, knocked apart by the sacred love.

    On a neutral language basis, understanding one another, the people will make in agreement one great family circle.

    Our diligent set of colleagues in peaceful labor will never tire, until the beautiful dream of humanity for eternal blessing is realized.


    En la mondon venis nova seeeento
    tra la mondo iras forta vooooooko

    I love it


    Russian and Israeli are gorgeous.


    Have a look at this ;)


    I like Hatikva, Star Spangled Banner, La Marseillaise, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika... well, all of them actually, lol

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