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Speaking exercises Norwegian course (Chrome)

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Hei alle sammen,

Duolingo apparently added Norwegian to the Chrome speaking exercise experiment (is this still an experiment?). They show up at least when you strengthen your skills. I'm happy and almost surprised it recognizes what I mumble ("Kona mi kjøper melk i butikken før hun kommer hjem."). :)

Edit: The speaking exercises are also available in new lessons. I don't know if you have to pass a certain point, though.


June 16, 2015



Modern speech recognition with deep learning, recurrent neural networks is scarily good...


So does this mean that the only way you can get speech recognition exercises in Norwegian is to access the website through Chrome?

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I only know that they started an experiment with Chrome (and Chromium). As far as I know this option existed before but I have never tried it.


I use chrome but so far i have not seen any speaking exercises. do they show up from the beginning ?

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As far as I know, yes, they show up from the beginning. You have to enable the microphone in your account settings.

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