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"An adapter for your computer is needed."

Translation:Il faut un adaptateur pour ton ordinateur.

December 28, 2012



Why not "Il faut avoir un adaptateur pour votre ordinateur"? I guess my issue is that I do not understand why avoir is not necessary when using il faut


There is more than one way to say this. Un adaptateur pour votre ordinateur est necessaire is correct!


I agree with you, in this case "ton" and "votre" are equally acceptable.


I wrote this: "un adaptateur pour ton ordinateur est nécessaire" and I think it is correct


Correct yes, but it looks like a translation.


the last comment makes no sense! "it looks like a translation'? what does that mean? I agree that there are numerous ways to translate the sentence. I used "un adaptateur pour ton ordinateur est necessaire", which i think is also correct


My comment was meant to express that it is not because a translated sentence is grammatically correct that it is the usual way of expressing it.


Pretty simple I think: it looks like a sentence was translated word for word, and while it can be understood and works grammatically, the sentence structure is very unlikely to be used by a native speaker of the language.

[deactivated user]

    Would 'on a besoin d'un adaptateur pour ton ordinateur' be something that a native french speaker could say?


    in a specific context where the owner is not the user, yes.


    Can one use the "il faut" construction here. How would that work?


    Yes you can:

    "il faut un adaptateur pour ton/votre ordinateur"

    or "il te/vous faut un adaptateur pour ton/votre ordinateur"


    merci!! et cette locution est acceptable par Duolingo en ce cas?


    Je ne sais pas, je n'ai pas essayé !


    j'ai dit: "il y a besoin d'un adaptateur pour ton ordinateur" ???

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