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"De vrouw zegt hem goedendag."

Translation:The woman tells him good day.

3 years ago


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In English you would not write this, you would say "The woman says good day to him"

3 years ago


Both work technically. Itsjust a matter of punctuation 'The woman tells him "Good day"' vs 'The woman says, "Good day" to him' you would not use 'The woman tells, "Good day" to him' though.

2 years ago


Why not "bids him good day"? Might sound a bit old fashioned , but seems the most appropriate translation here, as in German and Dutch you really 'say someone good day', direct dative, and not TO someone.

1 year ago


The woman is telling him good day, not accepted?

2 years ago


English is not my language, but I thought that "Good day" was used for "Good bye" in English.

4 weeks ago


The term "Good Day" can be used as both a way of greeting someone as well as a way to say good bye. It is rather old fashioned now and you're not likely to hear it from most people under 30 anymore.

3 weeks ago