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  5. "Rosa og rødt er farger."

"Rosa og rødt er farger."

Translation:Pink and red are colors.

June 16, 2015



why is rødt instead of rød?


The noun "red" is "rødt" in Norwegian. The adjective "red" is "rød", "rødt" or "røde" depending on gender and number.


Whenever a colour functions as a noun, like they do in this sentence, the word should match the neuter form that it would have as an adjective, hence the added -t in 'rødt'. 'Rosa' has the same ending for all genders as an adjective, and so it stays the same as a noun.

'Farge' is actually a masculine word, so if you were to use 'rødt' as an adjective to match it, then it would turn into 'rød' again:

"En rød farge"
"A red colour"

You can read about this in the 'tips and notes' section of the Color skill. :)


Is it possible to read the tips and notes section via the Android app?


Sadly not (yet), though it's a functionality we've requested.

You should, however, be able to access it through the browser version of Duolingo on any smartphone.


Really? I've had trouble trying to figure that out.


You must set your browser to request the desktop version. In Chrome there is a checkbox in the tab menu at the top.


So "rosa" is for all genders. What is its plural form? Should it be "rose"?


It's "rosa" in the plural as well. If it were a regular adjective, you might have expected "rosae".

Both "blå" and "grå" have optional plural forms, with or without an added "e".


Rosa because you dont add a t in its neuter form and rødt because its a noun which is the same as the neuter so you do add a t right?


That is correct. They're both nouns, but take their cue from the neuter form of their corresponding adjectives, one of which happens to be irregular ("rosa").


I have a question about another exercise in this unit (but that exercise does not allow a discussion). The other exercise says "Write the Norwegian word for 'green'". I responded "grønt", which was marked incorrect. The correct answer was shown as "grønn". But... it didn't ask for "green" as an adjective. I happened to reply with "green" as a noun. Shouldn't that also be correct? I put my comment here because this exercise also uses colors as nouns.

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