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  5. "Hayat çok kısa."

"Hayat çok kısa."

Translation:Life is very short.

June 16, 2015


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Hayat cok kısa, ama yüklü.

February 11, 2017


What did you mean by "yüklü"? The dictionary defines it as "loaded" or "charged," which doesn't help much unless you remember French "chargé," which also means "(very) busy." So were you saying in effect, "Life is very short, but busy"? Thanks in advance for confirming, or rejecting. If I'm right, I'll add another card to my cram file.

September 20, 2018


why don't we say "the life is very short"

February 13, 2018


The sentence above reminds me of the Latin proverb, "Ars longa, vita brevis," that is itself a tranlation from the Greek original penned by our founder, Hippocrates. We attendings like to quote it for medical students feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff they're supposed to learn so quickly. "Ars" here, of course, doesn't mean the fine arts as they are known today, but "tradecraft."

Inspired, I admit, by Rashad, I've attempted to render the Maestro's aphorism into Turkish and came up with,

"Hayat çok kısa ama sanat uzundur."

This result looks pleasing, uses familiar words, and is goofy enough to fit in nicely with other exercises in the Turkish course. Not sure, however, whether "sanat" refers only to the fine arts, but touches upon the original Latin meaning as well. Feedback?

September 20, 2018


"Hayat çok kısa." Translation: Life is very short.

Ömür geçer, gönül geçmez.

Ömür - Life span.

Gönül geçmez. - Heart felt desire.

June 27, 2019
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