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German music charts/site/awards?

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Is there a site for songs only in German or an organisation or awards site that concentrates on mostly German music artists? For instance, in Australia, we have the ARIA Awards (Australian Recording Industry Association Awards) and ARIA charts. At the least, in the charts for each year the ARIA charts bold the text of the local Australian singer or band so it's easy to find local talent.

I love my Americans, but when I'm trying to look for German music (hopefully sung in German) it can get frustrating finding there's more American artists than Germans.

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Well, German music often uses English too. It's quite a recent phenomenon that music with German lyrics becomes more popular - the German music market used to be dominated by English.

That's why it's so hard to find compact resources. There are several German music awards (the Echo is pretty famous for example) and some of them have special categories for German artists... But for many years, they just didn't sing German. In the last few years, German lyrics rose to a new level of popularity and slowly become more popular than English. I'm sure that there are a few resources that focus on this trend... But I'm not really aware of something notable.

You can find a vast archive of German music on youtube if you know the right artists though.

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