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"Я маю карі очі і довге світле волосся."

Translation:I have brown eyes and long light hair.

June 16, 2015



can світле волосся also mean "fair hair"?


Not being a native English speaker I actually always had troubles understanding what hair is called light, fair and blond in English :(


Light hair can mean from "dirty blond" to light brown. Fair hair usually means lighter than that but is mostly used along with "fair skin" to indicate a person's complexion in general. For example, many Swedish people have fair skin and hair. Blond hair is obvious, no trouble there. :-)


May I say "У мене карі очі"?


So "довге" doesn't just mean hair long; it just means long, correct? Also, is "волосся" a neuter noun?


Hazel eyes is the same thing as 'brown eyes' and should be accepted


Hazel is a color in-between brown, honey-gold, and green. It is definitely not the same thing as brown eyes.


I thing maybe, google translate says yes.


Being a native English speaker apparently if Australian English counts. I have never heard light hair. I will just use my imagination and assume it’s diaphanous like and other worldly.... actually I knew someone with hair like that. It was so blond it was white.


As a Californian, I can say that we use the term light hair. Blonde would be preferred, but a lighter blonde would be someone with light hair.

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