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"To reach a good result we will analyze the problem."

Translation:Por atingi bonan rezulton ni analizos la problemon.

June 16, 2015



Mi provis uzi “trafi” anatataŭ “atingi”, sed ĝi ne funkcias. Ĉu “trafi” ĉiam havas negativa senco kiam ĝi rilatas kun abstraktaj konceptoj?


i have a hole in my knowledge. why is it "for to reach" and not just "to reach"


Think of "por atingi" as "in order to reach".


Right, in most contemporary dialects of english (including mine and yours, evidently) simply "to [verb]" is the most common way of saying "in order to [verb]", and we'd never say "for to [verb]"... but "por [verb]i" is how you express the idea of a verb being done for a purpose like this in e-o. But this does correspond to what happens in other dialects of english: I always just think of the opening line of "oh, susanna": "I come from Alabama with my Banjo on my knee / I'm goin' to Louisiana my true love for to see."


If por atingi is used to say in order to reach how does one say to reach?

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