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"This mosque was made in two thousand eleven."

Translation:Bu cami iki bin on birde yapıldı.

June 16, 2015



Strange. It seems 2011'de was accepted, but no longer.


Why is " 2011'de bu cami yapılmış." wrong please?


First, you can't use numbers on Duo. Second, since you give a specific year it's probably the most important info here so it should come just before the verb.

İki bin on birde bu cami yapıldı. is also correct but has a different emphasis. You can report it though.


I don't know if this would have worked weeks ago, but I was able to give "bu cami 2011'de yapıldı" as a correct solution. So you can use numbers on Duo.


sometimes they may provide numbers as a correct solutions too, but in general it's much safer to write them as words.


And what's the point in coming here and "translating" two thousand eleven to 2011? I mean, seriously...


Teşekkür ederim. "İki bin on birde bu cami yapılmış." olabilir mi?


Yes it can be but it implies that you didn't witness it and you heard it later.


Hayir olamaz alakasi yok


In Turkish, a word is emphasized if it'd the word before the verb. So, the sentence you made would emphasize that a mosque was made, when it's supposed to emphasize that it was made in 2011. Don't worry though, no one really cares about this in Turkey :D


Bende de öyle oldu.


The sentence is not english. As it stands you have to ask 'in two thousand eleven what... The correct sentence would be 'This mosque was made in two thousand AND eleven.

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