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  5. "Ĝia hejmo estas la ĝardeno."

"Ĝia hejmo estas la ĝardeno."

Translation:Its home is the garden.

June 16, 2015



Ĉu ĝi estas araneo?

Jes, aŭ eble pli bone, abelo.


Does ĝardeno mean garden like Americans use it as a place to grow vegetables, herbs, etc, or like British use it where it's the yard? Or what Americans call the yard.


I'm not 100% sure what the difference between a yard and a garden is in English, but a ĝardeno usually has flowers, grass and trees, and very often also vegetables. It's used either for recreation or to grow some plants. It can be attached to a house, or also public, like a park.

There is also korto, which is similar, but usually with less grass, less trees, and no vegetables, but surrounded by houses or a wall.


i think a garden is more of a special place to grow vegetables usually in straight rows , or a garden could be a large place with nice landscaping where one would grow flowers. and i think a yard is just more of the property around ones house that one owns. yard can be a pretty vague word.


In American English you're right about Garden ... but not so in British. And not so about ĝardeno.


Gazono koboldo? I couldn't kind a word for gnome, so used goblin instead.


Gnomo. Also, gazona should be an adjective. Kaj gazono estas la herboj kiuj kreskas en ĝardeno.


Ĝi estas unu gnomo.

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