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  5. "We like to eat lard."

"We like to eat lard."

Translation:Ми любимо їсти сало.

June 16, 2015



Not to be pedantic, but in American English, this would be seen by many not familiar with сало as eating rendered animal fat from a can. Here, lard refers to melted animal fat used for cooking, instead of the blocks of fat from pork back that are thinly sliced and eaten with bread, pickles, and горилка/vodka (with the requisite sprinkle of кріп/dill on top) - or finely chopped and fried for шкварки as a topping on вареники - darn, getting hungry!).

Would the moderators consider using a transliterated answer as "salo" or at least "bacon fat" as this might be confusing (and somewhat gross) to the uninitiated? If not, perhaps a picture attached to the word might do it justice, :)


I think that смалець is a better translation for lard

Oh, лярд is even its second name: https://goo.gl/vdIuuk


I never say anything except 'salo' in English because there really is no existing English word that is suitable for сало.

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