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  5. "У мене є тренування уранці."

"У мене є тренування уранці."

Translation:I have training in the morning.

June 16, 2015



I would have prefered "я треную вранці"


Я треную - I am somebody's trainer. "I have a workout" doesn't mean that


So saying "I train/workout" in Ukie means 'i am a trainer"? I am looking for the verb rather than the noun for "a workout".


Я тренуюсь - I train myself
Я треную - I train somebody

Suffix сь makes a lot of verbs reflexive


Треную, так як і кохаю, перехідне дієслово, яке потребує прямий додаток.

Basically, you need a direct object when you say треную (as with кохаю).


I have a training in the morning - isn't it same?


Training is an uncountable noun in English (you can't say a training or trainings). If you want to make it countable you need to say "a training session."


у мене є тренування (вранці) - there is correct answer 'уранці', but i think that my answer is better, 'я+у+р' - "я+в+р" - last sounds simply. p.s.(вранці - was wrong)


This said I was wrong because I didn't put "a" or "the" in front of training. that's not correct. An article is not necessary in front of "training" in this case.


У мене є тренування вранці doesn't seem to accepted. Can someone link to some guidance about when у or в is preferred? Although, I think it probably was right to mark my answer incorrect, since the reader did enunciate у. :P


You never say "I've" when denoting posession, only when it precedes another verb: "I've a training in the morning" is poor usage. "I've had enough." or "I've been to Ukraine." are both appropriate usage.


This could be regional. I believe "I've a training in the morning" is correct, though rare in North America.


I'm not quite sure what you're saying here. "I've" most certainly does denote possession. "I've (or I have - depending on emphasis and context) an exam in the morning", "I've an appointment at the doctor in the morning" etc are both perfectly fine.

I think the usage "a training" sounds wrong: I've never heard that (but it may be used in some places), it would either be "a training session" or just "training".


Yes, you are right, "training session" should be used and not "training".


I think praytherosary may be right about this. For the most part you will never hear someone say "I've + noun" in the US, but I'm not sure it's actually a solecism. Though, it's so totally nonexistent where I'm from, that I can see why Patrick would argue that.

Are there any other native speakers of a different dialect of English for which this construction is common?


In the morning I have training should be correct too.

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