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Finished German Tree after 101 days ! Thank you Duolingo - I will donate you from the first salary!


So I finished my german tree and want to ask you Guys If there is something that can push me to another level ? Also thank to Duolingo I have a new job in Germany since June.

Glad to be part of this community. Patrik

June 16, 2015


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June 16, 2015


What has helped you the most during your study of German? Can you share any words of wisdom on a new german learner? Thanks


I haven't finished the tree yet, but if I may intervene in answering before the OP.. listening to German radio and watching German TV helps greatly. It really doesn't matter how much you can comprehend. Training your ears to the language is the golden rule (at least it is for me and it works perfectly, gradually). Children stories and news websites are excellent sources too. I occasionally visit http://www.zeit.de/index as suggested by one of the discussion threads on Duolingo and read. Hope this helps :)


Absolutely agree with you :)


PatrikGodor1, pardon my manners for not congratulating you on getting a job in Germany. That's really exciting! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

In reference to the inquiry in your post with regards to advancing further; if you haven't already done so, you may check the German Exam Past Papers to test your progress. It may or may not be too easy. The links are in the following discussion thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8628639

Cheers :)


Training your ears to the language is the golden rule. ˇˇ AsphodelZarafa ˇˇ

This is the exact thing that help me most. I am a big comics fan so I watched one part of Arrow every day. Watch what you like and your ears will be prepared :)

If i may this is the youtube channel where one guy have some good german stuff : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJSubDHjHUMw6xrcxf66eg


If you are really serious, change your computer and phone languages to German.


If you haven't tried Memrise, you might want to give it a try... it's great for vocabulary. Viel Glück in Deutschland!


Looks cool Thank you :)


Speaking of donating to Duolingo, is there such an option here? I assume Duo is not a non-profit organization, which might make it harder.


Well you can donate by translating commercial articles or buying some stuff.


Congratulations, that is a great story.


many happy returns! my question is... shouldn't had posted that comment in German instead of English? :P


Ja, eine gute Erinnerung :) Obwohl spreche ich Deutsch mag ich English mehr so nur fuer dich - Danke Manuel :)


You can continue deepening your knowledge with this site : http://www.dw.de/learn-german/s-2469.


Thank you for the tip :)


Das freut mich außerordentlich!


wow so cool. i want to donate too once i finished my course! anyway. congratulations!! ^-^


Wat to go :) Here you have Lingot as my donation for you :)


Congratulations! Was you able to speak German at you interview? How did you manage it?


Well I was able to say who I am, what are my skill and things like that. First there were some problems with understanding. Also because I work in Bavaria and people here have very strong accent but that was 30 days before I finished the tree. I think that there is always a way for someone who really wants. Of course I don't know every word and I am not 100% fluent. But that requires time and lot of practice :)


Congratulation. I am quite sure that living in Germany will push you up to another level ;~)


Viel Gluck in Deutscheland mein freund!


Thank you Polar_Pancakes :)


May I ask what type of job you got in Germany? I spent a year there in high school as an exchange student and would love to go back. I am always interested in hearing how people manage to work there.


Well done and congratulations! Try watching Fokus Deutsch (Youtube?) check this page http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/German please add more if you find it. I like this one: Ein rätselhafter Auftrag ("A Mysterious Mission") either in browser or as an app and I also like Vorleser. Both fairly simple, fit for my level of knwoledge.


Wie schoen :) Viel Gluck! Ich war 9 Monate in Hamburg geblieben und es war die beste Idee die Sprache zu lernen :) Viel Spass dabei :) x


Danke schön :) Ich bin jetzt in der nähe von München.


Hey man congratulations on the new job, I have a question for you. I know my flame is reset but I've actually been on and off the German tree for months now but I can't see to get past the first 10 skills, I always feel like I need to back and revise them again and again and again, should I break the cycle and just move on or should I keep revising until I'm 150% certain that I've memorized the words?


To darklord0211: I also had the same with my Spanish at around level 10. Short answer: find other resources.

Try and find the skills or words that you find difficult, use the "Words" list, click a word to find the skill it belongs to (right side gives details). Repeat those skills. E.g. google "German Object Pronouns Practice" or "German verb conjugations practice". I also wrote down conjugation tables and repeated them numerous times until I knew them better.

I also started reading, watching and listening to other simple material fit for my level of learning. Check this for resources: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/German


If I may interfere once again (sorry PatrikGodor1!)... I've been in your situation. I fixed this problem by making a habit of using pen and paper to write sentences that appear in exercises, as I go through revising old lessons. As for new lessons, I prefer to accustom myself to typing first. My approach is to avoid hand-writing in new lessons since there is a fair bit of trial and error mixed with surprising elements in the beginning of each new lesson, and that's very normal of course. Hope this helps.

EDIT: To answer your question, I suggest you move on. Things will automatically become more familiar as you advance.


This is amazing! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Congratulations, it is nice to hear that

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