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"Kvinden drikker en mørkerød vin."

Translation:The woman drinks a dark red wine.

June 16, 2015



funny fact, in portuguese the colour "dark red" is called "wine(vinho)" so she is drinking a wine wine


True LeoDojo :) hehe But actually, if it´s the case to say "red wine", I (I speak portuguese) would say "vinho tinto" and never "vinho vinho"! :) Just to complement your funny fact - that is actually true, just not used like this.

[deactivated user]

    It is actually interesting that this sentence is ambiguous in English but not in Danish.

    In English it could be a red wine that happens to be dark, or it could be a wine that happens to be dark red. In Danish we know that it is a wine that has the colour dark red.


    I never understand that why "øl" and "vin" is countable in Danish but in English not.Who might give me an answer?


    I can't see the difference between a 'dark red' wine and a 'red wine' that is dark. Imho it should be : Bordeaux. :-)


    My answer and the correct answer were exactly the same, yet it was counted as incorrect. I had someone else check as well.


    Also: The woman is drinking a dark red wine? This was marked as incorrect.


    the speaker says "mørkerøde vinen", but duo acts as if it says "mørkerød vin"

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