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  5. "Das ist eine alte Lampe."

"Das ist eine alte Lampe."

Translation:This is an old lamp.

October 5, 2013



Can anyone explain alt vs alte?


You can use the word either like an adverb or as an adjective.

If the word is tacked directly to a noun, it's an adjective and gets flexed according to the gender, case and number the noun is in:

nominative: eine alte Lampe

genitive: einer alten Lampe

dative: einer alten Lampe

accussative: eine alte Lampe

But you can also use the word as an adverb:

Die Lampe ist alt (the lamp is old).

In this use, the word will not get any declension.


@sakasiru This is the kind of grammar I can understand and remember. Thank you.


so the Adjectives end changes according to the gender (masculine, feminine, neuter, plural)? so i'll have to say (alte Lampe - alter Mantel - altes Fenster)?? or do i just add the "e" when it's feminine or plural, other than that it's "alt"?


No, your examples were absolutely right.


What does each case mean? My high school English class did not cover these words.


Awesome, thanks!


Does this mean there is a genie in it ?


Could someone please explain how "Das" can mean "This"? I'd have expected to see "Diese" for "This".


Das can be used as a demonstrative pronoun. You can identify it when the "das" has no accompanying noun it would refer to as an article.


Is "It is an old lamp" incorrect? Can't "das" mean "it"?


Then you would probably say "Es ist eine alte Lampe."


Is there less of a difference between "that" and "this" in german? Cause in my mind "das" should be translated into "that", and "this" should be translated into... "dies"? Or some form of that!


Does the adjective ending change according to the gender of the noun it modifies and whether it is singular or plural? Also does the noun ending change as well?


Yes. The adjective ending also changes according to the article in front of it.
Noun endings can change as well, but not that much. They mostly just change in genitive, dative and plural.


Oh k! Danke for the clarification =)


I got "that is an old lamp" wrong. Can anybody tell me why?


I got this question 4 times in a row but I don't know how to report it because the options don't include this scenario. Anyone else have this problem? Repetition is great but this feels like a bug


Ich liebe Lampe.

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