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Which languages do you want to try see when Incubator releases?

I really, really want Russian :D But then I thought why limit myself so much, I'm sure people will add tons of stuff. Ancient Greek and Latin would be cool :D Reading Sappho and Virgil in original would be awesome!

What would you want to see?

October 5, 2013



Hebrew would be GREAT! I would love to learn more on this platform. Rosetta Stone isn't cutting it.


yeah i am jewish and preparing for a ceremony


i am israelian who knows hebrew i love it!!!


Did you mean to say you are an Israeli?


Gam ani rotzeh lirot ivrit baduolingo bikashti ba February 25th vheim lo shalchu li doar


Ata medaber ivrit beseder, kol hakavod


Me too! גם אני!


and now we have hebrew!


Do you speak and read Hebrew? I agree Rosetta Stone is just awful.


I want to open the opposite course, English for Hebrew speakers


Hebrew! When are you going to offer Hebrew?


I'd love to learn Polish!


My daughter has said this repeatedly since we're Polish. I was really hoping they offered it, but she has settled for French for now.


If she wants to learn some vocabulary, she can download the Babbel app. Lessons through the full site cost money, but there is a ton of vocabulary through the app. I was playing around with it last night, brushing up on basic vocab and learning a few new words. :)


You would make me very happy if you introduce Arabic!


My top 5: 1:Hebrew 2: Sindarin or Quenya 3:Bulgarian 4: Lakota 5: .... and Yiddish


Korean and High Valyrian.

I want to become fluent in Korean as I would love to go to Korea one day and I love Korean pop culture. I also love the way Korean sounds and I love the look of the Hanguel. I'm surfing the Hallyu.

As for High Valyrian, Game of Thrones is my favorite show of all time, so I want to learn a bit of it just for the fun of it.


I agree with the Ancient Greek! I'm actually a philosophy teacher and I would love to learn ancient greek, enough to be able to read it... the Ancient greeks were more or less the founders of western knowledge: math, science, art, and of course philosophy. Reading their works in the original language would be amazing.


Russian, chinese, arabic, ancient greek, latin, hebrew, and most importantly finnish!!


Please offer Mandarin Chinese! How I wish duolingo had been around years ago when I started studying Mandarin. Korean and Japanese would be great too. My kids need Latin and Greek for school.


I would love hebrew! I know a lot, but not as much as I wish.


I can teach you!


I would like Hebrew, thanks!


Hebrew Japanese Gaelic Swedish


I'm excited for Swedish, but I would love for Hebrew, Azerbaijani, Arabic, and maybe korean, but Mostly HEBREW.


I also want to see Russian on there, I think it would be a really cool language to learn. Perhaps some Asian languages as well? Japanese would be popular...


I wonder if the Black speech of Mordor is an option :p

Jokes aside, I am interested in learning Russian.As we say "Good Morning/Good Day," Russians say "Kind morning/Kind Day."


Definitely hebrew.


Hebrew is already in Incubator


I would love to see russian becuase i feel like it would be interesting!


I would love to learn Gaelic... the language of the Irish


Japanese would be great, it's a favorite of mine. I don't use the app much at the moment but as soon as they add Japanese, I'll be sure to use it more often.


Japanese! I'm sure there will be a big community around it ;)


I would really like to see Latin on here. Since I studied it for several years, I would love to help make this a reality.

I also want to see Russian, Japanese and Old English.


I get excited when I think of the possibilities but I also share the fear for the quality. Besides, I'm not sure how the input writing systems for all these new languages will be look like. There's also the question of do I really want to venture into new languages when I still am not satisfied with my current level in the ones I'm currently working on? Personally, I'd like to reach a decent level, namely in listening and reading comprehension before I move on to the next language. Having said that, I wouldn't mind using Duolingo to have some fun with Mandarin, Russian, Japanese and maybe even Hebrew, Farsi, Turkish and Esperanto! I wouldn't mind at all really! Oh the distractions! :D


A hebrew course would be the most awesome of things :D


Malay. I have Malaysian family so I speak a little but I could do with learning more.

Also, Latin, although I don't know why. Perhaps just to satisfy my curiosity on the etymology of words. Plus, and I suppose this is true of most learning that we do while in this world, for the academic pleasure of learning.


i'd be sooo happy if they were to add japanese! it's my favorite language, but i can't understand it, and that really bothers me.... soo yeah, japanese! :D


Romanian would be nice. My husband needs to brush up on his native language, and I find it difficult to learn since there are very few resources available for it and his frequent grammar and vocabulary errors are less than ideal for a language partner.


My top five in order:

1.) Latin 2.) Russian 3.) Mandarin 4.) Japanese 5.) Ancient Greek


KHMER Esperanto Hindi Kashmiri Hieroglyphics Bulgarian Korean Chinese Arabic Affrikaans Swedish Hebrew Aramaic Babylonian Script Klingon Urud Armenian Azerbaijani Turkish Vietnamese Lao


I know the Incubator has already released, but I'd LOVE to see Hebrew in there in stage one someday. That would be so cool. I have a fascination with Judaism and Israel and it's just be fantastic to see Hebrew.


This is old, but Flemish and Norwegian..


HEBREW!! I just googled it, I saw a discussion about adding Hebrew but that was 4 months ago!! There is still not an option for Hebrew??


my native languages is russian and hebrew , i really want to see here the hebrew langugage course, because i think its very intresting language that people should try to learn


In order of my hopes: #1. Hebrew, 2. Greek, 3. Aramaic, and then 4.Latin


Is the correct translation for "be brave" in hebrew תהיי אמיצה ? Want to get it as a tattoo but there are so many translations for it


Persian (Farsi), Latin, Japanese, Arabic


I want to learn latin and Polish!

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