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  5. "Potatoes must be boiled."

"Potatoes must be boiled."

Translation:Kartofler skal koges.

June 16, 2015



"... må koges" doesn't work? I didn't dare to report, since maybe "må" is just Norwegian :).


No, not in this sentence. It's kind of weird, though..... For example, "de skal koges" means that they have to be boiled, while "de må koges", means that they can be boiled, but it isn't required. The following makes it completely illogical; "de må ikke koges" strictly means "they must not be boiled", while "de skal ikke koges" can mean the same, but also "they can be boiled, but it is not crucial".

And don't worry about reporting, we're not very stressful right now, since we took a semi-complete sweep last week :)


I see, thanks! It seems like the meaning of "må" differs from the Norwegian meaning then. I guess that your "må" works like the Swedish "får". "De får kokas" means that they can be boiled, while the opposite "de får inte kokas" means that they mustn't be boiled.


Ah, really? That's so neat, then I won't have to think twice about it in the future :) but first I have to reach the point where I can actually speak and write proper Swedish to someone, haha

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