"Vi er på den anden side."

Translation:We are on the other side.

June 16, 2015

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hej fra den anden side!


And we have cookies!


pokes head around corner did someone say cookies?


Why "We are on the other page" not accepted ?


Må kraften være med dig!


Jeg vælger den mørke side!


I would like to know why this can't be translated as "We are on the second page.".


That is an acceptable translation as well.


If there is any native danish speaker here to explain, I would like to know why vowels like a, i, e change pronunciation before the soft "d". This "i" here (side) sounds like "i" in english word "sir". I googled with no success...


The 'i' of side is not supposed to be pronounced differently from a standard Danish 'i'. The Danske Ordbog gives a pronounciation of [ˈsiːðə], which is the same 'i' that vi uses as well (just longer). It might be darkened a little by the following ð, but it's still far from the English "sir".

I can imagine a vowel hue change (is that the right term in English?) in front of 'r', because the Danish 'r' is a very vowelly sound, but the ð doesn't really do that. Do you have more examples?


But he is right! And I am surprised no one else noticed that or mentioned it...

Well, it is definitely not the same sound as in "sir", but anyway, the "i" sound is different, indeed. In words such as "siden" this is no longer a real "i", regardless of what ordnet.dk writes or not (there are so many strange transcriptions there that are far from reality!).

Before a "soft d" the "i" sound in Danish reminds me somewhat of the weird "i" many Swedes (especially women) speak (though not all Swedes do).


Why is "We are on the other page." not correct?? ---- I was a teacher at school, and I remember enough lessons, when a pupil was on another page in the book as the others. :-)

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