"It is a room."

Translation:Det er et rum.

June 16, 2015



Could this also be translated "Det er et vaerelse" or does that not mean the same thing, for some reason?

June 16, 2015


They mean the same thing, and it is an accepted answer, though I think you'll receive a typo warning for writing æ as ae. I don't know why.

June 16, 2015


The difference between rum and værelse is that a rum can be any room, e.g. a conference room, a storage room, ie. any place enclosed by four walls inside a building. Værelse is more specific and refers to a room intended for people living there.

Since we do not have any context, both translations should be correct. Although, because of that, I guessed they were looking for rum rather than værelse.

May 14, 2018


Any difference? Perhaps room vs chamber?

March 26, 2016
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