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Bug: Discussion comment streak level should match point-in-time of flag levels

There is an inconsistency in the datum time used for displaying flag and streak levels associated with the author of a comment.

To reproduce:

  1. Post a discussion comment
  2. Observe the flag and streak levels (eg. 7-7-7)
  3. Do some more learning for a day, until levels + streak have increased
  4. Review the previous comment
  5. Observe the flag levels and streak levels

What happens:

  1. The flag levels have stayed the same, but streak has changed (eg. 7-7-8)

What should happen:

  1. The flag and streak levels should remain unchanged, reflecting point of posting (7-7-7)


  1. The flag and streak levels should all have changed, reflecting present point in time (8-8-8)

The discrepancy is probably related to some sort of cacheing issue somewhere along the line; it was original observed when viewing the following comment; but seems to occur on all comments:

June 16, 2015

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The levels will catch up before too long. I'm sure it is a caching issue, just as you say. I've noticed it sometimes takes a couple hours for my level increases to be reflected in the discussions. I doubt it makes that much difference to people.

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