"Elas comem a refeição."

Translation:They eat the meal.

October 5, 2013

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I'm finding refeição a hard word to spell as it sounds nothing like it is written


Well, Brazilians pronounce the first "r" in a word like an "h".

When the "c" has the little squiggly thing = "ç" it's pronounced like an "s". "C" is pronounced like an "s" before an "i" or an "e. It's pronounced like "K" before "a", "o "or "u'", but "ç" is always pronounced like an "s".

The "ã" makes the "ao" sound nasal.

Does that help?


Thanks, It helps me! I am struggling with those pronunciations.


Shouldn't "a refeicao" be "o refeicao"? I thought when a word ends in an "o", it is of the masculine gender. My apologies for the spelling but my keyboard is not set up to be typed in Portuguese.


There are always exceptions. https://rioandlearn.com/palavras-em-cao-intermediario/ Furthermore, quote: "In Portuguese, most of the words ending in ção are feminine. Let’s take a look at a short list of feminine words ending in ção and learn what are the exceptions:"

And words that end in an "a" are not always of the feminine gender. For example "um artista" = "an artist" if speaking about a man.


So helpful. Thanks!


What's the difference between refeicão and comida? Can't they both be a meal?


comida = food / refeição = meal


Well, in Brazil we use comida meaning refeição usually in a colloquial situation


Olá paulconsul ,

Refeição é o ato de comer : "vamos nos reunirmos à mesa para a refeição?"

Comida é simplesmente o alimento: " Quero um prato de comida!"

Espero ter ajudado.

C yaa


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