"Meus casacos"

Translation:My coats

October 5, 2013

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whats the difference between casacos and agasalhos?


casacos are specific clothes (coats) for the winter and "agasalho" refers to any kind of clothing for the winter.


I do not understand that fully.do you mind explaining some more?


Not entirely sure here but, I think he means that casacos means coats specifically, while agasalho can be any kind of warm clothing, like coats, jackets, sweaters, etc. Something like all casacos are agasalho but not agasalgo are not casacos. But this is just my guess though, maybe someone else can confirm.


Very good! ZdAries "Something like all casacos are agasalho but not agasalHo are not casacos".
"Todo casaco é um agasalho, mas nem todo agasalho é casaco"


You're right, agasalho here in Brazil is any kind of clothes you use to protect your body from the cold.


JavierArra1, it means coats (or coat) put that in there next time and I bet it will work


I dont understand, duolingo tells me that casaco means jacket, coat or pullover, I putted my pullovers and it tells me that I am wrong??


No, you're not wrong. casaco does mean jumper. I hear it used for all three all the time here in Brazil. The program is wrong!


I read your comments but I still do not understand the difference between casaco and agasalho


Duelingo tells me that casacos means coat, pullover or jacketou I wrote Coats and you tell me I am wrong?


meu vs. minha? useage rules?


meu/ meus - used for masculine words.

minha/ minhas - used for feminine words.

e.g.: Este é o meu carro.(This is my car.)

Esta é minha casa. (This is my house.)


Can you explain why you put "o" in front of "meu" (o meu casa) and why you don`t put "a" in front of "minha"...(a minha casa)


There are somes cases you must use the article, but this one for example is by your choice, because it wouldnt make difference

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