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  5. "Læreren underviser i skolen."

"Læreren underviser i skolen."

Translation:The teacher teaches in the school.

June 16, 2015



"At" is the preposition we would tend to use in English.


Is it possible to say Læreren underviser VED skolen ? I've heard you can use ved universitet.

[deactivated user]

    I'm not exactly sure. Some people might say it formally, but to me it would sound like the teacher was teaching by (next to) the school.

    I would say:

    • Læreren underviser på skolen (a specific school)

    • Læreren underviser i folkeskolen (he teaches in the public school system)

    • Læreren underviser på gymnasiet (a specific secondary school)

    • Læreren underviser i gymnasiet (he is a secondary school teacher)

    • Lektoren underviser på universitet.

    You could use ved to describe a job title:

    • Han er lærer ved/på Xxxx Skole

    • Hun er lektor ved/på Københavns Universitet

    But again, I'm not sure if academics/teachers use a different terminology.

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