A suggestion for the multiple choice questions.

Hello dear people. I noticed that whenever it comes to the Multiple choice answer (Mark all correct translations) the answers are very easy , i would suggest that it gets trickier andharder , to the detail .What i had in mind was that the answers could be very similar and would require careful reading in order to avoid "possible" mistakes ..

for instance:

This is the current version

I am a boy.
Ik ben een jongen.
Ik ben een eet.
Zij ben een knul (i've never seen the knul word before)

an idea is : Ik ben een jongen.
Ik ben een jong
Ik ben een jongens
Ik ben en jongen etcetc

or perhaps twist the words around(in bigger sentences) in a smart way to trick the student (would be very helpful in sentences which have say ..clauses etc)

Thank you , for giving me the opportunity to learn for free while having fun.

p.s Forgive my bad English , not my mother language .

Cheers J.

3 years ago

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately the multiple-choice questions are automatically generated by some algorithm that we (the Dutch team) have no control over. I think it's quite difficult for a computer to come up with good incorrect answers, that are not too easy to pick out. We can pass it on to the developers, but improving this is probably not a very high priority right now.

3 years ago

Hello Simius !

I understand .. Wish i had a coders mind to solve this problem , maybe in future .. Salut ! :-)

3 years ago
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