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  5. "Jeg hater idrett."

"Jeg hater idrett."

Translation:I hate sports!

June 16, 2015



This sentence fits me perfectly. Thank you Duolingo!


What's the difference between "sport" and "idrett"?


'idrett' emphasizes the athlete's performance, while 'sports' emphasizes the "tool" is of importance.

I'm not sure how correct this is, as they can mostly be used interchangeably. But you would say "motorsport" not "motoridrett" so it might be a good rule in some cases.


Tusen takk for svaret! :D


Been avoiding this unit for that very reason.


I am here, in my turn, because I love Norsk National Team in the winter sports. (I hope that I would have some gutsiness, me too...) Of course, I want to support the athletes of my own country, but we do something badly just now. The Norwegians are so professional. I waited for more exercises about winter sports and track and fields on Duolingo. I can read more on the internet. Just now there are the ski world championship games in Seefeld. Mens' ski relay begins in a while. Norwegian and Russian are favoured to win. Are Norwegians already too strong at winter sports?


PS The Norwegians won the mens' ski relay. I found an in error my comment. It should be either Norwegians and Russians (=persons) or Norway and Russia (=countries). Is it so that "the language people" don't like sports?


Well, I do love both languages and sport (to practice, I’m not so fond of watching).


Is this word used in schools? Like PE/Gym class?

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