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Additional Levels?

With the incubator giving us new lessons, will there soon be new levels on Duolingo?

Right now, the maximum you can reach is 25, no matter how many gold coins you earn.

Is duolingo planning on allowing people to achieve higher levels?

October 5, 2013



I agree! But by the time I reach level 25, It'll be 2015 or so...


the key is to do the document translations- thats where the real points are. For a single long sentence you can get 10 points! So for a whole news story that's easily 200 points. much faster than earning points only by the lessons.


That would be cool. I'm no where near lvl 25 but it would be great for it to just keep going and going :D


It'd be nice. I've been at 25 in German for months, and I'm nowhere near fluent. It shouldn't be too hard to program the system to allow additional levels every 2000 points or so.


Some time ago, someone from Duolingo mentioned that they had in mind the creation of levels beyond level 25. I don't recall if they mentioned a time frame or not.

Presently someplace around level 20 the number of points to level up starts to increase -- I don't remember how much, but from 24 to 25 it's 4000 points, so I'd suppose if more levels are added the path will become increasingly steep. And Wombat's right -- level 25 is no guarantee of fluency.

It would be very nice to see some sort of qualitative assessment associated with the translation exercises - do a really good job and get a points bonus, or a few Lingots.

Edit -- Harman's comments most certainly apply to German as well -- As I wrote this I just didn't recall how long the various levels took. Sorry.


I'm not sure if German works the same way, but in Spanish the total number of points starts increasing long before level 20. For example, some of the lower levels only need a couple hundred points but there is a 1500 point difference between 19 and 20 and a 2000 point difference between 20 and 21


German works the same way, each levels requires more points to level up than the previous one.


I'm no where near but it does sound cool xx


I am still on two. But I agree.


I am mid way between level 11 and level 12 in Spanish, finished the "tree", and I do not see any additional lessons. How does one advance from here? I sent the question to the help desk a few days ago and nobody has gotten back to me.

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