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That incredible real human voice!

The Esperanto team deserves a LOT of praise for taking the trouble to record live, human-generated audio for the sentences in the course. I've studied three other languages with Duolingo, all of them using text-to-speech, and the difference is just beyond expression. It is so much more clear, so much more comprehensible, and infinitely more pleasant to listen to as you do the lessons. I wish German and French would get the same treatment! Hopefully it will be possible at some point to record the individual words--that's about the only shortcoming I can see, although it's a pretty minor one when you consider that you can always replay the entire sentence. Dankegon! Via kurso estas trezoro!

June 16, 2015



I feel honoured that Duolingo selected my voice for the recordings of its Esperanto course and I'm happy that it's considered by many learners as an added value in the learning process :-)


Ĉu? Ĉu vi estas La voĉulo? Dankon!


Jes, mi estas tiu registrinta la frazojn de la Esperanto-kurso de Duolingo ;-)


We're also very proud of our voice... thanks for the praise! :)


Didn't you doubt the voice a lot at first?


I doubted that we could get a good recorded voice, yes. Thankfully after the first audition, it was clear this was a winner!


And I tried using google's Polish TTS with Esperanto sentences.... It was perfect, apart from a few diacritics.


If you are looking for the pronunciation of a specific Esperanto word, you can always search for it on www.forvo.com there are currently over 18 000 words pronounced in Esperanto on Forvo :)


Wow! Forvo is the perfect website if you are looking for how to pronounce a certain word not only in Esperanto, but in many,many other languages.


I don't have a problem with the TTS in most of the courses (I haven't tried them all, and I know there's some kind of A/B test going on with German; I also remember not feeling remotely confident I was catching any of the nuances in Danish when I dipped my toe in), but it has to be said that the EO voice is excellent. I think not just because it's a real person, but because the person who made the recordings is just very, very good.

If one could guarantee a voice that good in every language, I would most certainly vote for real person recordings for every language.

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