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  5. "O sofá é novo?"

"O sofá é novo?"

Translation:Is the sofa new?

October 5, 2013



The sofa is new? should be allowed. It is a correct sentence in English, perhaps conveying a tone of surprise combined with the basic question.


I wrote: "The sofa is new?" And got it wrong


Should it not be 'a sofá'? I thought sofá was feminine because it ends in 'a'.


sofá is a masculine word... some masculine words end in A in Portuguese.


Aha, rules are made to be broken huh :)


D'oh! Just when I thought I cracked it! So it's just a case of remembering thousands of words on whether it is mascluline or feminine- there isn't a specific rule to follow with the 'O' & 'A' ?


Not exactly. When you have an accen on the final "a" (á), it is usually masculine. But for the words that end in "ão", then you need to memorize them...


I wrote "Is it the new sofa?" , but as expected , it has been ruled out. Expected answer was "The sofa is new?" But does not sound like a question, looks to be different than English.

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