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  5. "Könnt ihr uns vorstellen?"

"Könnt ihr uns vorstellen?"

Translation:Can you introduce us?

October 5, 2013



"Can you imagine us" should be accepted too , because uns is both dativ and accusativ and while vorstellen have two ways to use : 1- Ich stelle mich vor (Akku : I introduce myself) 2- Ich stelle mir vor ( Dat : I imagine ) ....... or am I wrong ? or the Imagine way should just be used as a dativ reflexive ?


That would be "Könnt ihr uns euch vorstellen?".

The full verb is "sich etwas/jemanden vorstellen". You're missing the "etwas/jemanden" part => Ich stelle mir etwas/jemanden vor.

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Why do I think that ihr means she when it's not capiialized and you when it is capitalized? Is that only in the plural which is also the formal? or....?


sie = she or they

Sie = you [formal; singular and plural]

ihr = you [informal; plural]

du = you [informal, singular]

PS: The above applies to personal pronouns (I, you, he/she/it ...) that are in the nominative case. The nominative case is used for the subject of a sentence as in the sentence in the excercise. In other cases, the forms of the personal pronouns change, e.g. "Sie" (you) becomes "Ihnen" (to you) in the dative case. Also, "ihr" is not only used as a personal pronoun meaning "you", but also as a possessive article meaning "her" (e.g. ihr Buch = her book).


and your last sentence is probably the most confusing = "ihr" means 'you' and 'her' --- always trips me up


Ich gebe Ihnen einer Lingot I THINK!


Does this statement imply that you want to be introduced? Or is it only asking if it is possible to be introduced? (In English asking 'can we be introduced' is 99% of the time the same as saying 'please introduce us')


Still translating "könnt" as "can't". Shame on me...


It is just what is known as 'Proactive Inhibition'. Need more practice to overcome this problem.


The male voice doesn't pronounce the l's in vorstellen, making it two syllables instead of three. Is this correct? How common is this pronunciation?


New (fem, 2021) voice is the same. I listened several times, to both normal and slow versions, and decided there was no "l". So I too would like to know if this is a quirk, or something I should be training my ear for.


Why "ihr" means 'you' not 'her'?


In this case you need a personal pronoun:

du = you (informal, singular) ihr = you (informal; plural)

another use:

ihr = her (possessive article) - Her book; Her phone.


Seems odd that you would ask a group of people to introduce you to somebody. Seems like a job for one person. Unless a better translation would be "Can somebody introduce us?".


how do I say: can you introduce yourselves to us? "könnt ihr euch zu uns vorstellen? though in my mind this would be something like: can you imagine yourself to us....oh man, that's difficult! :\


Is it me or is ihr said weird here


Gott, Ich höre forstand anstatt von vorstellen ! u_u

Könnt ihr das außerdem hören oder ich falsch liege ?


Can you represent us, is not accepted. Could it work?


Ist vorstellen ein untrennbareverb?


No, it's a separable (= trennbares) verb, e.g.: "Ich stelle mich vor". However, when a separable verb is used in the infinitive form as in this sentence, its two parts are not separated.

For more information, see: http://www.nthuleen.com/teach/grammar/sepinsepprefixexpl.html


how can I know if the verb is reflexive or not?


will you introduce us

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