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  5. "Lui ha un cane."

"Lui ha un cane."

Translation:He has a dog.

October 5, 2013



It sounds like e instead of ha.Sounds to me like Lui e un cane,not ha...Her pronounciation really suck


the same here! I lost one freaking heart because of her pronunciation


What? I'm italian, and it's the right pronunciation.. you should make more exercise ._.


I agree: her pronunciation is very poor. She also regularly lowers her voice for the last word of the sentence so that one can't make out what it is that the subject has.


Aparently they fixed it because it sounds correct now.


H has no sound in Italian. A's never sound like the English E sound in Italian either. I only count on her flow of speech pattern. Hope that helps.


Last time I checked, He's and He is, is the same thing


I said "He is a dog" even though I meant "He has a dog". Got it wrong, but then it said the correct solutions were: He's a dog OR He has a dog. That makes absolutely no sense!! :O


how do you know when to put "ha" instead of "ho"? I understand that it is a masculine and feminine thing, but I would think that since "lui" means he, then it would be "ho"?


I wrote he is instead of he's and it said I wasn't correct? He's and he is is the same thing...


All Americans are wrong, it is correctly pronounced, e and a are two different sounds. Both graphemes are constant in italian they never change pronunciation as in English. Italians speak ten times faster than this.


I wrote 'he has a dog' and app count it like mistake, Wat??


Could not hear end of sentence...

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