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I need help :(

Hello everybody! I have a problem with Duolingo. I had several language courses here including Esperanto in beta-version. Then I went to the Duolingo app on my tablet and it said "unsupported language" or something.. and gave me the list of languages. I just thought it was about Esperanto that probably the mobile version doesn't support, so I didn't choose any language and just clicked "done". Now all my language courses are gone and I have an English language course and all my Duolingo is in some language I don't know! And I don't know what to do and how to at least change the language back to English if not return my language courses! I don't even know where to write because I don't know Dutch! What am I supposed to do? Has anyone had such a problem?

June 16, 2015



If you are on an android device, I will point out that if you've been doing the lessons on chrome in your google account on a computer, then Google Now (if you let it) can remind you do to the lessons, which will then bring them up in Esperanto on the android device - even though it is officially not supported...


lol , calm down , there is no problem, your courses are there , you just need to come back . Are you in a computer or a cell phone?


haha thanks for answering :) I know I'm an idiot, just seeing all those weird uknown words made me panic XD But I found the solution X)


It happens to me once lol, but as I take courses from 3 platforms , I knew what to do... I have to do it everyday ....


Oh well I found where to add new courses and added French in English and it returned everything including my points. Still, this was weird


Oh, good to know :)


The Esperanto course is still in beta, hence only available in web or mobile web browser, not in DL's mobile apps. Once the course becomes stable, around several months from now as the course admins estimated, the course will be available on mobile apps.

Right now, when doing Esperanto course, don't open the mobile app :-)

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