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  5. "Jij zou hem moeten geloven."

"Jij zou hem moeten geloven."

Translation:You should believe him.

June 16, 2015



You would have to believe him - was wrong. But isn't "zou" would??


yes but when combined with moeten it becomes should


Would this be the same as "Jij zal hem gelooft" ?

  • Je zou hem geloven = You would believe him
  • Je zou hem moeten geloven = You should believe him
  • Je zal hem geloven = You will believe him
  • Je zal hem moeten geloven = You will have to believe him
  • Je hebt hem geloofd = You (have) believed him
  • Je hebt hem moeten geloven = You had to believe him


A native Dutch speaker asked me: "Zal ik de hotel boeken?" in the sense of "Should I book the hotel?"... Is it just that she is talking bad Dutch?


It's "het hotel", apart from that it's a correct Dutch sentence, but it doesn't exactly translate to the English sentence you typed.

  • Zal ik het hotel boeken? = Shall I book the hotel?
  • Zou ik het hotel moeten boeken? = Should I book the hotel?


I see. The "Shall I..." translation makes perfect sense here. Thanks!


How would you say "you should have believed him?" If thats even a correct way to say. "Je zou hem moest geloven hebben?" - like that?


I'm not a native speaker, but I'm thinking "Je zou hem moeten geloven hebben."

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