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  5. "Ми будемо іти у магазин."

"Ми будемо іти у магазин."

Translation:We will go to a shop.

June 16, 2015



"We will go to the shop" should also be accepted, I think. Reported.


Jechać i iść in Polish :-) їхати і іти


I thought Slovak is the most similar to Polish, but since I have discovered Ukrainian it is even more in some cases/words of course if I translate cyrylic letters. It helps me to learn a lot! So many similarities including names of seasons and months.


That's really interesting! I can't wait until Polish and other Slavic languages are on Duolingo! I'm sure they will be much easier to learn with the knowledge of Ukrainian.


I'm looking forward to Czech language as I have a lot of Slovak and Czech [also Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian and Lithuanian] friends here in Liverpool. Solidarity in Slavic languages! Yes, when you know basics of one it's easier with next. I can say that, I'm Polish


What's the difference between їхати and іти?


Їхати is to move by means of some kind of transportation, іти is move by walking

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